I might be parrot-phrasing a little

Saturday, August 03, 2013

I went to Brighton to do some shopping today. I only found out about Gay Pride after I bought the tickets and decided to go anyway. The train was full of 16 year olds, girls with skimpy outfits, boys talking loud and trying to be alpha male, god that was painful. The streets were crowded, I even had a glimpse of parade but I wasn't really interested in it, I've seen it before. On the flip side, the shops were deserted, except Primark of course, so it was a more pleasant experience than usual. I was disappointed with lack of summer sales, I only  bought  2 pairs of smart trousers.

Once I got back home by practically empty train, I  met my friend to have late lunch and ice cream on the beach. We laid down and chatted enjoying lovely sunshine. It was very relaxing afternoon and I enjoyed it very much. Except the pizza, it was disappointing. Also, tt the restaurant Italian waiter thought we were Greek,hah. My friend explained that she's Spanish and I'm Lithuanian. He couldn't believe I am Lithuanian and not from some Southern European country. We laugh it off, as usual, not the first time, went off to get ice cream, also Italian guy served us, thought I was Spanish. Dear oh dear. If only I'd learn to speak Spanish fluently and I could actually to play these kind of situations. That would be quite fun.

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