I am a foreigner in a foreign land

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

This post is somewhat prompted by recent Euro parliament elections. There was a lot of talk about UKIP in the media before elections and I had a very pleasant encounter with a UKIP supporter too.

A large percentage of the British population can’t stand foreigners. It’s all over the media and sometimes the way you’re treated changes as soon as they  spot your foreign accent. Last year before UK had to open the borders to Romania and Bulgaria every single day BBC breakfast and news  were talking about the upcoming  influx of immigrants. It seemed there was a report on it every single day. I'm afraid it felt rather xenophobic and it was unpleasant to watch the whole Romanian bashing on TV every day for a few weeks.

I don't get involved in  about immigration arguments, but sometimes I'd really like to suggest people to watch BBC documentary "The Day Immigrants Left" and consider the fact that: Immigrants to the UK in the last decade contributed £25 billion - more in tax than they received in benefits - and were less likely to claim handouts or live in social housing than people already living in Britain, a report has found.
But there is also  a bit of double think- British are proud of their multicultural society and want to be known as a very tolerant country yet they want to close their borders and keep foreigners out.

Fortunately, most people I encounter are very nice and do not show xenophobic views, I love living in UK and I now consider it my home.

To end this post on a more positive note, I include some immigrant related funny and/or insightful British problems from reddit:

Two women in my toddler playgroup who live entirely on benefits and are not seeking work were complaining loudly about immigrants coming over and being "first in line for jobs."

My dad just complained about immigrants. We're immigrants.

My uncle constantly complains about immigrants, yet has plans to permanently move to Spain

I felt compelled to politely nod along to the car mechanic moaning about immigrants, despite being a Swedish immigrant getting my Volvo serviced.

According to numerous Facebook posts, illegal immigrants get put up in the Grosvenor Hotel and bathe in champagne, but if a British person loses their job, they are executed with a single bullet to the back of the head and have to pay for their own bullet. 

My aunt immigrated to Spain. She still complains about immigrants in the UK taking benefits and not integrating with the local culture.

Man in front of me in a queue was talking so vehemently about the exams, contributions and value immigrants should have to show before they 'earn' a British passport I'm beginning to feel like an underachiever for getting mine simply from being born

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