May the Fourth be with you

Sunday, May 04, 2014

We ventured outside planning to go for a walk and maybe go to South Downs but we stumbled upon Magnificent Motors- an annual car show held in Eastbourne.   There were some amazing vintage cars.  I find them much nicer than modern cars.
We walked further till we reached Hollywell and had lunch there. We had tomato & mozarella paninis. Why is it always the same everywhere? I'm bored of mozarella. 
Sunshine in UK can be  very deceptive so I wore a few layers, (remind me never wear loose tops ever again). Once we found a spot where chili breeze doesn't reach us, it was glorious. The peacefulness, the sound of waves crashing and sunshine on my skin felt wonderful. Makes me wish we had a house with a garden. I would spend most of my free time there, weather permitting. 

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