The rest of my long weekend in Spain

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Continuing from my last post

After the wedding, we went to a fiesta that was held in Santo Domingo. 

There were a lot of people as you can see, later in the evening we went to a concert, but we weren't very keen on that type of music. 

The next morning we took the first bus to Madrid.  Our hotel was situated right by Plaza Mayor. It's a good  hotel but no way it is a 4 star hotel. 
   We spent some time exploring the streets around Plaza Mayor looking for food. It's not easy for vegetarians in Spain. We ended up eating at Subway, how lame, I know!

We went to Parque del Retiro, it was a bit of walk but it was worth it. We had a milkshake at a cafe and had a good walk around. 

After siesta, we had dinner at Italian restaurant and then had walked to Palacio Real. The sunset, buildings, the warm temperature made it  very atmospheric.
I could have spend hours there looking at the sun going down. 
   We spent another hour or two having wine at Plaza de San Miguel, just chatting away and enjoying ourselves and let me tell you, there is just something about having a glass of wine in a good company on a warm Sunday night without having to feel rushed or thinking about work.  It is the life. I could live there. Just giving me an opportunity.

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