20 Signs You might be turning British

Monday, December 01, 2014

  1. You tutt when you see someone trying to jump the queue.
  2. You know how to correctly pronounce Leicester, Worcestershire,  Warwick, Edinburgh.
  3. The day the office ran out of Yorkshire Tea and you had to drink Tetley was one of the worst days of your life.
  4. You have sarcastically applauded when your train arrived 20 minutes late.
  5. When you're so good at sarcasm no one can tell if you are serious or not.
  6.  You squirm if you see someone making tea in this order: tea bag in, then milk and finally hot water.
  7. You find yourself talking about weather rather a lot.
  8. You started using words like bollocks,can't be arsed, fancy and knackered.
  9. You started saying quid instead of pound.
  10. You are proud of NHS.
  11. You have developed a personal relationship with mature cheddar.
  12. You never leave the house without an umbrella.
  13. When somebody bumps into you, you apologise.
  14. You eat chips, not fries.
  15. You get angry about American TV programmes when the “English” characters always sound like the Queen.
  16. You start grumbling under your breath at anything from bad drivers to poor customer service or the weather.
  17. Summer is your favourite day of the year.
  18. Your inner voice is that of David Mitchell.
  19. Queen having 2 birthdays is perfectly normal to you.
  20. You judge people based on the football team that they support.

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