Back to reality

Friday, July 05, 2013

I may be back from Mallorca, but I haven't got back to work yet, I have a full week off which I spent at home. It was nice to be able to do nothing much, I haven't had time for ages.  I started reading True Blood book series by C.Harris,  I have read 5 so far. Although the books are quite entertaining I do prefer the series. I think they handle the stories better, that's just my opinion.

On Sunday I'm going to a community event my company is holding and I'll be taking pictures. I'm surprised I've been offered to do it but I'm sure it will be a good experience. So I only have one day to learn how to take decent pictures, yikes!

Monday is the day I come back to work and I'm already dreading, I know from my colleague that it's terribly busy and quite stressful, not the best time to come back.

I already miss Alcudia, well the beach really. Such a relaxation when you can go to the beach to enjoy the sun and warm sea right after your breakfast and you don't have children.

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