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Sunday, November 17, 2013

My very close friend is getting married very soon, so we went to a local bridal shop for a fitting. We have similar taste in clothing and we're good friends so I can feel like I can give her my honest opinion on the dresses.

I've never been to a bridal shop before and I wouldn't say that I particularly enjoyed my first visit. First of all, there was another future bride who brought pretty much the whole family there, so there wasn't much space especially as all the bridesmaids where trying on dresses too. Secondly, we weren't allowed to take pictures and they never leave the bride alone so you can't snap one secretly either. I find the whole experience of being in changing room with absolute stranger a bit bizarre. Thirdly, their selection of dresses was rather limited, one size in each style only and generally they all look so similar. I think I would really struggle to find a wedding dress  for myself.

Anyway, my friend tried on around 6 dresses ( so like a fifth of their whole stock..) and 2 of them were strong candidates. Too be honest she'd look beautiful in any kind of dress, so really it's up for her to decide what  kind of cut and style she prefers. We plan to go to some other bridal shops next week. It will be another challenge!

I also need to get a bridesmaid dress for myself, I'd like something simple and in pastel colour, something I could wear more than once and wouldn't be too bridesmaid'y.No satin for sure!

There'll  be more wedding related in posts in the future, be warned!

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