What I spend my money on

Saturday, November 16, 2013

We went to Ikea last week. I want to go there for ages, but it's quite far from where I live. I love Ikea, simple, minimalist Scandinavian style. I could easily spend my whole paycheck  there, I didn't but boy do they have some nice things for very affordable prices. I bought Hemnes chest of drawers pictured above. It's simple yet stylish and it's huge, so much space in drawers. It's a lot bigger than you'd think based on this picture. It took us some time to set it up but it wasn't too difficult at all. 
I wanted to get this Moppe mini chest of drawers for ages, I'm not sure yet how I am going to decorate it  or ,that will be my next crafts project.

I also got this black/brown coffee table for £17.00. The price is just ridiculous. I know it's not particularly durable but I think it's pretty decent considering it's price.

I also got some bits and bobs for home, nothing particularly interesting. 
There are some purchases I plan to make, but it might have to come out of the next paycheck.  

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