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Thursday, November 07, 2013


Damn you Cumberbatch. Made me download iTunes (yeah, not an apple fan) to watch Little Favour. 
It's a short crowd-funded film,Benedict plays quite a different role when usual, we're loving it, don't we? I love that even though he's such a big star now, he still involves in small projects. 

Official description: 

“Little Favour follows the story of WALLACE (Cumberbatch) when he is contacted by a former colleague to help him out with a deal gone wrong. It’s been 7 years since he left Her Majesty’s service and 10 years since the American counterpart who became his friend, saved his life on a joint mission in Iraq. He’s migrated his skill set into a lucrative business while managing to keep his secret battle with PTSD under wraps. One day, while finally deciding to try his hand at a functional relationship, his old friend JAMES cashes in his chip and asks a LITTLE FAVOUR. How could he refuse when he owes the man his life?”

I do believe you need to read synopsis first to understand it better or you might be a bit lost.There is a lot of violence, however it was There is little dialogue but I think it works very well. I think watching it for the first time and second time are quite different experience, there were so many clues that you wouldn't notice watching it the first time. 

I love you, I know I thought this was deliberate but based on Patrick V Monroes' Q&A on twitter, it wasn't not but I wasn't the only one to notice this.

Russian  was really bad, it always is, isn't it? Russian might be my third language, but  boy I can tell you  when it's bad., though they did pronounce suka correctly, I found the scene humorous for some reason.

Russian gangsters  re one of my least favourite film cliches but  I guess this was used to throw you off. Overall  Little Favour still rather good and totally worth £2.00.  I do think this will help Benedict land more action roles or maybe even James Bond role. Cumbercollective would love that. 
Now lets address the elephant in the room, Cumberbatch was quite ripped for this role, not that anyone complains about this.I think this right after he played Khan in Start Trek: Into Darkness for which he trained every day. Not sure how he manages to do this, from buff to Sherlock physique- toned and lean. 

  Also, is it just me or did  Benedict wear his own clothes? Especially that blue shirt.

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