Celebrations are in order

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hello my chums

Last few weeks were very busy, I've been out and about for work and it seems I had hardly any spare time. But my efforts have paid off.. A new position was created in my office, I new about it for quite a while, it feels like it dragged quite a bit but I can tell you know I got this job!! It's a step up for my position, a significant salary increase and, of course, responsibilities are much greater and I will be managing 6 people. It will be both exciting and challenging! I don't have managerial experience..however I do have management degree which is finally going to pay off and I will also get some further training. I actually have booked a course in January and will be looking into more courses. I think this is such a perfect opportunity for me and I need to make the most of it! This job will also mean more travel to London, I don't really mind! Might actually go to see a show and meet my cousins who live there.

Tomorrow we're having staff Christmas party at a Spanish restaurant so I will celebrate this tomorrow with my colleagues!

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