Weekends are too short

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Aaah weekends. I love weekends. Saturday morning started with a delivery of locally grown vegetables.
    The weather was a bit better than usual, me and some friends went to the harbour. We had  coffee with cake, the service was a tad disappointing but oh well, that cake was quite nice. We then burned these extra calories by having a good walk around the harbour and rich people houses. Some were really lovely, but I can only imagine how much they cost. We managed to get lost but we found our way back eventually.

Sunday hasn't been very productive, originally we planned a walk on a seafront and maybe a visit to a coffee place but the weather wasn't nice as promised so we didn't bother. Monday, of course, will be much nicer, but I'll be stuck in the office. I'm counting days left till I'm off already, it's 5! I'll then have a week off and a trip to Lithuania. I was there just 2 weeks ago but under very unpleasant circumstances, so while I'm glad to get away, I'n not overly excited. It will be nice to spend some time with my grandmothers and binge eat Lithuanian food.

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