Sort of review of my new lens

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

 It's not going to be very techy, I'm very much an amateur.

It's called CCTV lens (not that kind of CCTV, though ;) ). Aperture 1.4, 25mm. I wanted 25mm because it's equivalent to 50mm in 35mm film cameras.

The price is very attractive, ~£23 with adaptor (ebay).  As I am a  graduate with part-time manual job, I can't really afford to buy pancake lens (lumix 20mm 1.8 ~£200). I was very wary about the quality of lens, couldn't find any reviews, but when I found UK seller, I thought to go for it. If it's totally piece of shit, I could just return.

First, it arrived without any instructions or product description. As I needed an adaptor, putting lens on wasn't straightforward. Still not sure there I was supposed to put rubber bands on (???). If you know, drop a line.

One of the reasons I bought is I wanted have a wide aperture. The other is shooting in poor lighting conditions. This lens performs very well in both, especially considering the price.

Of course, there are some issues, only because it's not lumix, so I have to shoot in w/o lens mode, which means- no automatic focus, I really like with my lumix you can choose focus area by touch, can't do that, obviously. Also, what I miss, is that in manual focusing regime, the camera zooms in so you can focus very accurately, that does not work in w/o lens mode, so I have to zoom in manually as well. No biggy, but still.

With such a wide aperture, focusing accurately is vital. I'll have to learn that. Keeping in mind the price, this lens my just be not as sharp as well.  Some shots you can see in my previous post. Considering the lighting, I am absolutely amazed by the quality of the pictures. We have those supposedly environmentally friendly light bulbs that are rather dim. With my kit lens, it would be totally crappy and grainy image. 

Last thing, it's small, it looks a bit funny on my camera. It looks as if my camera have outgrown its lens :)). 

In short, it's really good value for money and I'm really happy I got it. Might upload some more pictures shot with that lens when I find the time to actually upload the pictures on my pc.
Some time in the future, I'll buy the pancake lens I mentioned before, but for now, this lens is works for me just fine.

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