Your loss would break my heart

Monday, January 13, 2014

I was away from my office for 3 days and I came back to this, yep  a colleague has sherlocked my monitor. I found it rather funny and thought it was quite  fitting, after last night's episode I'm still living in Sherlock's world.

And yes that flag says sarcasm, I needed it to point out when I'm being sarcastic... yep not all British people get sarcasm, weird, I know.


Back to Sherlock now, yesterday the final episode of series 3 was aired, what an episode it was. Previous 2 episodes that were very much character driven, light and humourous, this episode was very much the opposite. It was fast, plot driven and dark episode where we saw again Sherlock's sociopath side. There were some brilliant scenes, the most impressive was the scene where Sherlock was shot and had 3 seconds to figure out how to improve his chance of survival running around in his mind palace. We got to see Moriarty locked away deep in Sherlock's mind. Pure pure joy to watch it.

OK, I as many others thought Mary was going to die, but I guess it would have been too obvious but I wouldn't rule out her death in the next series. We've been warned of significant character death which was a bit of cheating really. Technically Sherlock was dead, but he pulled through. But does that surprise us? Moffat is known to lie.

CAM was incredibly creepy, interesting villain, but I wished he was more in that episode than he was. The surprise at the end  really got me.  I certainly miss Jim, Andrew Scott is excellent at playing crazy villain but I still don't think it means he's actually back. We'll see, we'll see.

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