What life? I’ve been away

Saturday, January 04, 2014

I spent Christmas at my parents in Germany. We Lithuanians have main dinner on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas day. We had a lot of food and lots of sweets. It was a bit too much for me.

I only stayed there for a few days, so my mum organised an early birthday dinner with my aunties, uncle and cousins.

My mum always makes a cake for a birthday.I can't believe there are so many candles on the cake.

I didn't do much else in Germany, everything was closed for holidays. We had a walk in central Dusseldorf on Christmas day, surprisingly there were quite a few people there but underground was absolutely deserted and it felt a bit creepy with nobody around! We also went to Wuppertal, it's ok but it was a bit boring with everything closed and not much too look at.

I had an early flight home and then two days later I was back there to fly to Lisbon with my SO to celebrate my actual birthday and New Years.

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