Project 52- week 4

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I've been travelling more with work and I spend a bit of time on train, I use that time to read. Time passes much more quickly and I can keep up with my long year project too.

This week I'm reading The Secret Life of France by Lucy Wadham.

I started reading it and I realised I have already read it, don't know when, possibly not even in English but Lithuanian, nevertheless I read it again, not that I remembered much from last time!

In this book author Lucy Wadham  who moved to France when she was 18 , explores differences between England and France.  I find it quite interesting and quite relevant to me, being immigrant myself. I moved to England  when I was 19 and while it's been a while I still face cultural differences every day. I'd say it would make a quite interesting topic, maybe I'll explore it my blog some time in the future.

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