Wednesday, February 05, 2014

I'm staying at a hotel again,. I'm away for a conference. Only took me 5 hours to get here. It' might quite nice change to get away from the office as there's been very negative atmosphere.

I've been away a lot lately, but I won't have many travels after this trip.It's nice to go away but I don't like being away from my SO and eating out whilst away when you're vegetarian always sucks. Is it me or most vegetarian options are with tomato and mozarella. Sometimes I just want to shout "you know there are plenty of other vegetarian ingredients!!.  And how many options are marked vegetarian but are made with Parmesan.

Also, I just found out that: The next few years could spell more for restaurateurs than disappointed diners, as the terms "vegetarian" and "vegan" will soon have legal status. UK Food Standards Agency labelling guidelines were adopted in principle by the European Union in 2010, and following a five year period for compliance civil suits may be brought against anyone misusing the terms from 2015. Just as a maker of parmesan can bring action against anyone outside the region using the p-word, so could offended diners against clueless chefs. Restaurants, manufacturers and publishers will really have to know their cheeses.". 

This is pretty amazing. I know it sucks for the restaurants, but you know what, tough. I've had my share of arguments with chefs about Parmesan.  

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