Vegetarian Problems

Thursday, February 20, 2014

  • When fake meat tastes too meaty
  • People keep asking you where you get your protein from
  • Parmesan in "vegetarian" dishes
  • Nobody understands difference between vegetarian and vegan
  • Jokes about “rabbit food.”
  • People will constantly tell you how they could “Never stop eating bacon.”
  • You need a laser-sharp vision for identifying meat in buffet salads and sandwiches
  • “So, why are you a vegetarian?”
  • You will leave weddings being totally hungry.
  • " You know Hitler was a vegetarian."
  • Always feeling like a difficult customer at a restaurant
  • Not being able to eat anything unfamiliar without feeling paranoid
  • "If you don't eat meat you're going to get sick and die."
  • When people try to convert you back to eating meat
  • People think you're dying to eat meat but actually even a thought of it can make feel nauseated
  • Gelatin.
  • "You're just trying to be a hipster"
  • Meat ingredients hiding in seemingly meatless food
  • You can't complain about any health problems without people blaming it to your diet
  • "Plants have feelings too".
  • "But fish isn't meat, right?"
  • "But chicken isn't meat, right?"

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