Immigrant problems.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

I was inspired by r/britishproblems to create my own list of immigrant problems

  • People think I'm a weirdo for drinking tea without milk
  • "All right?"
  • I find it hart to understand why Britain goes into panic mode then it starts snowing
  • I never know when people ask me where I from, do they ask where I am from originally or where I live here in Britain, I always get the wrong answer 
  • People like to guess where I'm from and they all get it wrong
  • People find it weird I do not eat jacket potatoes or fish & ships on a regular basis
  • Going back to home country and feeling like a stranger
  • When back at home accidentally saying thanks to the bus driver
  • Not knowing if I said "Thanks" enough times
  • British eat too early
  • Sandwiches are considered a lunch food here
  • Not knowing whether it's dinner,tea or supper
  • People change their attitude towards you as soon as their hear your accent
  • People can't tell your gender by your name.I can't tell you how many times I received letters starting with "Mr [last name]".
  • Nobody can pronounce my name right, not unless I repeat it 100 times. 
  • Sometimes when people overhear you speaking different language, they assume your English is very poor and they start talking to you  loudly and slowly. 

I only got one item on my Immigrant Success list:
  • My (English) colleagues ask me how to spell English words

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