The game is never over, John. But there may be some new players now.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Monday everyone!

I don't mind having a day off on Monday, though part of my mind is still thinking about work. I only checked my work email once, that's a major achievement for me...

I wish I spent my Monday in PJs but that was not going to happen a) I did that on Sunday b) it's a lot less interesting without my SO c) I actually have stuff to do

My mood massively improved in the afternoon for no obvious reason. But now I realise it was just because sun came out. I'm a bit of heliophile, winters are absolute miserable and it doesn't help I live in UK. Well, at least my town is one of the sunniest in UK.

I haven't booked any holidays yet, I really want another beach holiday, because lets face it, even if I leave 5 min walk from a seafront, I won't be able enjoy this that much, because summer here suuuuuuuucks. Feel free to suggest some good destinations by Mediterranean Sea that is not too expensive...

I would also like to visit my grandparents back in Lithuania, there is a possibility of me going with my SO sometime in April, but we haven't booked anything yet.

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