Monday, February 24, 2014

I've booked tickets to Lithuania- woop woop! I haven't been there for almost two years, we're planning to visit our grandparents and that's pretty much it. I think all my friends and former classmates in the capital now and we're not planning to go there, there won't be time. It will be interesting to see my hometown, where I spent my first 19 years and there I met my SO.

I haven't got any summer holidays booked. I'm not sure if I will. We're going to Spain in May for a wedding, short trip but it will be expensive. I wouldn't be fussed by not going away somewhere warm, if summers here wouldn't suck so bad... What's the point living by a seaside if the weather is hardly ever good enough for a nice swim in the sea?..

But also I think I will really need a good holiday this year. It's been very stressful at work, my new role is not easy but it's not only that, there are changes in the company and there's been resistance to these changes. On more positive note, my old manager has come back to the company in a different role, she is my all time favourite manager and I can't wait to see her.

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