A Bit of Nostalgia

Saturday, April 19, 2014

When I was back home last week, I went through some of  old stuff from my childhood and teenage years. I found a small notebook my mum made notes about me when I was little. Apparently I really liked bunnies.  I have no recollection of that, though I do remember some of my stuffed toys were bunnies.

Loosely translated from above and previous page that's not pictured:

Her favourite toy is Bunny. It's not just a toy but Bunny  is a huge authority figure for her. It often brings her presents and once even a Christmas Tree. When the doorbell rang,  Akvile asked who is it and the answer came "Christmas tree". She opened the door to see  a Christmas tree that the bunny left for her and then went back to the forest. When she was 4, we were in the forest to get some wood. Akvile brought her grey and yellow bunnies with her but they ran away. She was looking for them, shouting: "bunnies, where are you". She eventually found them hiding behind a tree. She was overjoyed when she found them.

I swear it sounds much cuter in Lithuanian.

I guess my parents were con artists  at the time and fooled me in believing in bunnies.
I remember reading this book, possibly a more recent print, but it the pictures look the same.

I don't remember when I realised it's all just tales. Would I do the same for my children if I ever have any? Probably. What's childhood without a bit of magic. 

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  1. These notes must be very cute:) My mom was signing photos, it is also very funny:)

    1. yes, it is! I wish she continued to do that for a bit longer, it's such fun to read and laugh at yourself.