Visiting my homecountry

Saturday, April 12, 2014

I'm back in UK!.. It's so nice to be home, sleep in my own bed and have internet connection!

 A selfie taken at grandmother's

It's been 18 months since my last proper visit to Lithuania. Not much has changed in my hometown, but it seems sleepier than ever. I couldn't live there again, I'd get bored very quickly. It was a bit colder than in UK, spring hasn't really come there either, so I didn't take pictures of town, everything looks so grey with streets lined up with leave-less trees. But it will be lovely very soon. Next time we'll go in summer, we decided.

We flew to Kaunas airport, as it was they past the last coach to my hometown, we stayed at My SO's uncle's. It was very pleasant stay, the family  was very lovely and we enjoyed our time there. Next morning we took a coach to the west of the country. I was surprised it had wifi, I loved it, when I was tired of browsing internet I turned on nokia mix radio and napped all the way to my hometown.

I visited my grandmothers and also my SO's grandparents. We were fed so much food, first few days my stomach could hardly handle the amount of food. I had cepelinai, saltibarciai, sakotis and other foods. I also had a pizza at a local restaurant, it's my favourite- the dough is very thin and it tastes so nice with  the special mayo based sauce they make themselves (we Lithuanians usually eat pizza with ketchup and that sauce of no name, I know weirdos, but it's delicious...).

My maternal grandmother lives in a village 20km a way, so I took a bus everyday to spend some time with her. She's moving to Germany, as mentioned in my previous post. I helped to sort some paperwork and had lovely chats with her and her sister who was also visiting.
I found this old picture of my grandparents, my auntie on the right and I'm not sure who is the child on my grandmother's lap and I do not recognise the place. 

My grandmother has a cat pictured above. She's called love but she looks evil to me. 

This is getting long so I will continue in my next post.

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