Sunday is just preMonday

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sometimes my life feels a bit like a scene from Office Space. Damn those TPS reports.

Some article on reddit led me to Mr Money Mustache and Early Retirement Extreme.

Mr Money Mustache is a blogger who retired when he was 30. I spent hours on his website reading all the tips and how he has done it. It takes a bit of effort and it helps if you have a great salary but it doesn't mean there isn't something useful for all of us, right? I might not be dreaming of retiring at that age, but an idea of financial independence fascinates me. If I could work part time & have more time  for my hobbies and enjoying life, that would be great.  I could easily save half of my salary without much of a struggle (although we're looking to move to a nicer place and that would certainly mean higher rent), but I need to invest it. I am currently spending time on to decide what to do.  It sounds pretty complicated, I wish I knew someone who is very knowledgeable in this area!

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