Dan Clark: Me, My Selfie & I (Work in Progress)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Last Friday I went to Brighton with my SO to see Dan Clark's stand up Dan Clark: Me, My Selfie & I (Work in Progress).  I loved his show How I not to Live your Life, so this was something I was really looking forward to. It is a preview of his stand up that he is bringing to Edinburgh festival.

I haven't seen any of his stand ups, I only really know him as Don Danbury, wasn't sure what kind of comedy to expect.

Most of his jokes were based on his own life and while a lot of it was about death and loneliness, it was funny and relatable. Glad to hear, he is also atheist. He's turning 38 next week, which technically makes him middle-age. Which is somewhat funny in itself, I wouldn't consider him middle age in a shape a form. That has something to do with him dressing like a kid. He was not afraid to make fun of himself, the audience was roaring and I think everyone had a great night.  He ended the night with a few short funny songs, which I loved.

I had great night and so did my SO, totally worth £5.00 p/p, it was really a steal!...

and he also replied to my tweet. so yeah I've got that going for me, which is nice.

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