Holi Festival of Colours

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Such a busy weekend I had. I went to London with my friend to the Holi Festival of Colours. So it is based on a religious festival, but as you might expect, this was anything but religious. 

It was in the Olympic park, it took as 2.5 hours to get there. It;s been many years since I set my foot in Stratford, they really done it up for the Olympics, I couldn't recognise it.  We got there early, maybe a bit to early as we had nothing to do until they started the countdown, however people who turned up later had to wait in the queue for hours. ok, so we paid a fortune for the tickets, I'm not sure why it is so expensive, especially because once you're in, you still have to pay for everything and it was very expensive. and you couldn't actually use cash, you had to buy tokens, seriously, it was ridiculous. I spend only £20 inside, but I have nothing to show for it and left still rather hungry. All that aside, I loved the actual experience, they did a countdown every hour and it was magical,  the colours look amazing and yes the powder does get in everywhere! However, it quickly looses it's colour, you are left with sort of white powder. 

It started raining though and it was not nice, it poured really badly, we weren't prepared for this!!! There wasn't any shelter, we ended up buying one of those disposal raincoats, it helped a little bit. Thankfully, it stopped raining but it did make the powder mix into awful shade of brown. 

There were a lot of stalls of different kind of food, I had pizza, it was actually quite nice. We left before 6 pm, as there was not much to do between the countdowns and we ran out of powder.  The music was not great, they had a few good tunes but they cut them all short. Overall, I do not regret going, it is something to be experienced, but seriously they need to reduce the prices but no chance of that happening, both days were sold out.  We got a few free goodies- some Indian tea that smells vile and some make up and wipes.

     My shoes are still kind of red but my friends shoes used to be royal blue!! and yes there was so much rubbish, I can't imagine how bad it was the next morning!
I guess it would have been more obvious if I wore white, but I'm not a fan white colour. My hair looks a  bit grey because of powder, it made them so dry and stiff, but it all washed out easily.

We got quite a few stares from people on our way home, but we couldn't care less. My friend even made a joke of it and said loudly- Do I have something on my face? 

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