Ok Monday, bring it on. Give it to one. One's ready for you

Monday, June 23, 2014

heeellooo Monday. here we are again. But lets try to focus on the positives:  this Friday I'm going to see Dan Clark stand up at Komedia in Brighton. I loved "How not to Live your Life", so I'm very, very excited to see Dan live.  Then on Saturday I will be going to Holi Festival of Colours in London. woohoo. Super excited, I just can't even imagine how it's going to be like.

image from Holifestival FB page

The weather has been pretty decent for a quite a while. This is very suspicious, not sure what to expect to come next. 
Another good thing- the final series of True Blood has started, I have been rewatching all episodes lately to "prepare" myself for the the last series. Last few series were not as good but I still like it and I really want to see it how they are going to end it and I hope not the way it was done in the books, because that totally sucked. 

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