Summer arrived to England, no kidding

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Summer has officially started, folks! I woke up on Saturday to the sound of thunderstorm. I thought the day has been ruined but,no, it was perfectly nice day. I met up with Marta, we had lunch at the Kiosk, right at the foot of South Downs. There is a path to the side of the kiosk which leads to the downs and is much more manageable than the main path. We chilled out in the sun for ages looking at beautiful views.

But what's a sunny day without ice cream? We went to Fusciardi's for some proper Italian Ice Cream. It was good but I probably should have chosen different flavours, I got overwhelmed with so many choices!..

Today I got much later than usual, it seems I lost the ability to sleep in long time ago. I guess around the time I started working full time. I didn't realise it was actually  very warm outside until I checked our thermometer, I didn't expect to see 25c  when it's not even noon yet! Good weather and on a weekend is rare here so I treasure it. I went to a beach to sunbathe for a couple hours before we were due for a social engagement. The sun was lovely but I wasn't prepare to open the swimming season just yet.

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