The Big Questions: "Are religions unfair to women?"

Sunday, June 22, 2014

I like to watch The Big Questions on Sunday mornings even though most of the time it gets so infuriating. For non- UK readers, The Big Questions is a show where they ask ethical questions, most of them are religious. Well,  it shouldn't come to you as a surprise that I'm an atheist, why do I watch this then? The debates are really good, and by good I mean they invite people with such ridiculous views, that I find both funny and infuriating, I do shout at the screen sometimes because there is too much stupidity coming from someone's mouth. The other evening I watched an hour feature on "Are religions unfair to women?". You'd think the answer is pretty obvious (like most other questions on The Big Questions).

Watch the whole thing, it's worth it, if you like that sort of thing.

I find it astounding that  god debate aside, women follow religions where women are always second, a property and generally considered lower than men, they are considered unclean,etc. Some even believe religion empowers them, that being required to be submissive to their husband means women &men are equal.  It makes me do this face:

I guess it just proves that indoctrination is very powerful.

One of my favourite regular guests on the show is Kate Smurthwaite. She's good, I mean really good. A clip called Atheist Bitchslap went viral a few years ago:

I've spent a whole evening watching Kate Smurthwaite videos on youtube. She's very outspoken,a  feminist, an atheist and she's very funny, what's not to like? Dear Kate, please write a book, I want to read it and can you record it too because Kate, I would listen to your stuff for hours.

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