Monday, July 18, 2011

I finished the Spanish course I was doing on BBC website  and even got a crappy looking certificate.Now I'm doing German. I studied it for two years at high school but I forgot most of it because I did not have a chance to use it. Ever. I got a course book with audio from the local library, did the first unit and it seems to be pretty good. I'll try to advance my Spanish as well, but haven't find a good  book  or cheap courses yet. I will try to watch Argentinian soap opera ( they are quite entertaining I realise there is a different between the "Madrid Spanish" and Spanish spoken in Latin America, but still. 

I had this website bookmarked ages ago Oxford School of Photography and now I rediscovered it, it's awesome blog on photography, loads of tips and stuff, I really want to try some of the techniques I found there. Via that website I also discovered Lighstalking which is also very very good. 

I browsed it for hours and saved my favourite tutorials, I hope I will actually try something. I also have plenty of photography journals  but they mostly focus on post-editing with photoshop. meeh.. Boring. The websites are they more inspiring. 

So my parents are coming this Friday, will be busy all week, going to London, Brighton and around the South Downs. Yay!  

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