Mean Girls 2

Saturday, July 09, 2011

The other day we had a silly movie night. Indeed, it was silly. We watched Mean Girls 2. While the first part was quite enjoyable and funny, the second part is just shit. Firstly, the idea of film is way too similar to the first one, you know, a mean girl does something to the nice one, so the nice one  revenges on the mean girl but by doing that becomes same as the mean girl. she realises she was not nice and all goes back to normal.  It was too predictable, nothing to laugh at, unless at the idea what nowadays can pass as a comedy... The performance from actresses was also quite disappointing.  Mean girl and her friends especially were not good. To put it in short, it was no good, first part was much better, I was so disappointed.

Last week watched Bad Teacher at the cinema with friends- not funny either. Very American/Hollywood. 5 minutes and you know how the movie will end.

Should have a good movie night but, lets face it, there aren't much good movies. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

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  1. I love the first mean girls movie. I think that it had a lot of good detail in it. Even minor characters were given detailed personalities.

    It was a very well done movie. The second one had no detail in it. It could have been any school with any cast of characters. I also didn't think the "plan" was all that creative whereas in the first one it was pretty funny.

  2. Yeah totally agree with you about the details! ;)