Thursday, July 28, 2011

I was watching old episode of QI (It stands for Quite Interesting), they were talking about graphology and  they confirmed  it has zero validity, which did not surprise me.

I found an interesting article on it (link below). Some extracts from it:

"Of the studies that are published in peer-reviewed journals that use rigorous scientific methodologies, hardly any show an effect. As a result the respectability of graphology within the scientific community has now been all but wiped out.A recent review of the literature on the use of graphology specifically in recruitment was carried out by the British Psychological Society. They found that graphology has exactly the same validity in personnel selection as astrology, i.e. none."

Unfortunately,  "It is thought between 5% and 10% of businesses in both the US and the UK use graphology as part of the recruitment process". Even worse,  "between 38% and 93% of businesses in France use graphology - probably because one of graphology's pioneers, Jean Hyppolyte Michon, was French. Still, it's difficult to know exactly how many companies still use it because many deny it, despite probably using it". That's just ridiculous :) I wonder what graphologist would say about my handwriting? Clearly, nothing valid! Well, he or she might notice it's terrible but that's obvious to everyone.

And for a nice ending:
" people who believe in graphology should rightly be treated with the same suspicion as those who believe in astrology. Humour them if you wish, educate them if you can, but don't take them seriously."


 Graphology: Connections Between Handwriting and Personality are Illusory

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