La Science des rêves - The Science of Sleep

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I had a good movie night yesterday (yay!). It is a really lovely French movie about a guy whose dreams, imagination and reality mix up. This film somewhat reminds me Inception but they are at different ends of the same continuum. The Science of Sleep is very warm film. I loved that they used old techniques for special effects, it must have taken ages to do it all but it looks amazing and so surreal. It reminds me old cartoons. The other thing I liked about it, is characters talk in Spanish, French and English and they go from one language to the other. Also, the main female character  Stefanie is just so adorable. Her tiny flat is also very cosy and boho. Nice sets in general, I'd say! The only downside, I think the storyline was  a bit underdeveloped. My overall verdict - definitely worth watching.

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