I'm vegetarian and proud

Monday, July 11, 2011

got some vegetarian jellies, yummy! I've missed it! most jellies are made from gelatine which  is made from bones and skin of animals. Disgusting! Which reminds me.... I'm so fed up with people asking me why  don't eat meat. I don't ask them why they are not eating human meat! To me, these questions are equally ridiculous.    And yes, I judge people for dividing animals into pets and food! Utter non-sense! Also, I'm very very annoyed when people call themselves vegetarians when  they clearly are not. 

Even my parents pretend to be vegetarians, although they actually are pescatarians - they do not eat meat but they eat fish and seafood.  And there are people who eat some kind of meat, but still say they are vegetarian. For some reason, it's mostly poultry, like chicken. Eat your effing meat, but don't call yourself a vegetarian! 

And I'm sorry if I come across as angry, no, I'm not, I just feel very strongly about this issue.

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