Gagging Order

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Yesterday I went to see one of my favourite comedian's, Jimmy Carr's stand up. It was  the second time I saw him live and I knew what to expect- over two hours of laughter. I bought tickets ages ago but I could only get side view seats, it was pretty packed with few empty seats. It was hilarious and as usual he  pushed  audience's boundaries on taste and offence. However, the most shocking story came from audience rather than Jimmy himself, which is surprising knowing his material. I think Jimmy will use this story in his future routines. I'd tell you the story but I can't. It's too much even for me! We had a few heckles but Jimmy had good comebacks. Comebacks. That reminds me one of his joke.Which  I will not repeat on my blog but I'm sure  Jimmy's fans will be familiar with it.  He also did quite a few jokes about himself,specifically  taxes scandal and loved them all. So many good jokes but I can't repeat most of them. I'll give you just one:

Where would we be without sense of humour? Germany.
I am looking forward to his next tour, whenever it will be.

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