Working hard or hardly working

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My efforts have been finally recognised, I've been nominated for an award at work, all the nominees get a voucher or half a day off and are invited to annual award ceremony. I don;t really care about that, I'm just glad my hard work is appreciated. I had my annual appraisal too, it was very very positive, which makes me happy. Management are thinking of creating a new position , I am already doing the job but I have to do various additional stuff too, if they would actually create this position, I could focus solely on this business area. However, if it will ever happen, it's not going to be very soon. My manager also thinks that in future I could be promoted to this other position but I have absolutely no interest in it, it would be a lot more money but I'd hate that job and I don't think it is suitable for a young girl as it includes dealing with some very difficult people  and sometimes visiting them at their home. Thanks but no thanks! 

Today somebody proposed to me. No, not my SO. But an elderly customer popped the question when I passed reception to grab a folder I needed. It's the second the time he did that. Yep, fun times at work. 

I think I have Chandler Bing's problem - people think I'm being sarcastic when I'm not. I need to get a sarcasm sign to make it clear. 

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