cake and a cup of tea

Sunday, July 06, 2014

It's been ages, I know! 

I didn't do anything particularly interesting during the week, it was lovely weather but I was working every day and didn't get to enjoy it. Friday was particularly hot and I woke up on Saturday to the sound of rain. Typical!!!..  My plans to go to Vines Cross to do a photoshoot fell through, but we met up for lunch instead.  We went to our usual Italian restaurant, Mo Mambo Mania.  After a rather big lunch we fancied something sweet, so we went to Neate's Cakery, which is just across the street from Mo Mambo.  We had our usual Victoria sponge cake. It might not be obvious, but that was a big piece of cake. I was struggling to finish it, too much after a heavy lunch!

Afterwards we went to the shops, we always go to Laura Ashley to see if there's anything discounted. Their home furnishings and decorations are so pretty. Some people call it granny chic but I love it, just don't get overboard with it!  Once we find a new place, I hope to spend some time and money to make it  look nice and homely. I saw  one potentially amazing flat last week, however, as you know the golden rule, if they didn't put a picture of something, there must be something wrong with it! It was, the bedroom was tiny- one of those where you can only fit a bed and wardrobe.  The bathroom was very old  and I was keen on the lounge, it looked a bit dark- I need sun and light! The garden and the kitchen were amazing, which was why I went to see the flat in the first place, well I hope something like that will come up again soon but a bit better, with a bigger bedroom.

Next week- nothing big planned, but I'm going to my friend's for a meal and I'll be spending my Sunday taking pictures for work at a local event they're organising. Woop woop, I might get my picture published in a local paper again.

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