I'm away

Saturday, August 23, 2014

I might be a little quiet, but that's because I'm in Germany visiting my family.The weather is not particularly nice, it seems Autumn has showed up a bit earlier than I would like it. I visited my grandma today, she has recently moved here from Lithuania after my granddad passed away. She has her own  well decorated flat with a very nice balcony. 

I met with my young cousins, I love the feeling when they run to me and jump into me arms. But I'm not sure if they like me or the presents I bring. I bought a comic book for the eldest and it seems to be a huge hit.

I'm glad to hear my cousins speaking Lithuanian a lot more than last time I was here. My grandma only speaks Lithuanian and now they spend a lot of time with her so I certainly think it helped them a lot. They might not get grammar right or form long sentences, but they seem to have little to no accent. Lucky them, I doubt I will ever get rid off my accent.

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