Purchases- my new phone Nokia Lumia 930

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

I've had my new phone for almost 2 weeks now, so I thought I will give you a short review on it.

nokia lumia 930First things first, it's a Nokia Lumia 930.  Ok, I must confess, I'm a nokia person. It's my fourth nokia in a row. I know. Last time I had to buy a phone, I was looking around but went back to Nokia. This time I had no doubts about it. I rather like Windows OS and was rather keen to try 8.1 version that Lumia 930 comes preloaded with (updates are rolling out throughout other phones now). Why I like Windows? I love the live tiles. I like seeing what messages I got on facebook without going to facebook app or what's the current temperature,I love all the changing pictures on my photos app. You can modify your start screen in so many ways, some people get very creative. I'm still trying to figure out mine. 

I know windows don't have as many apps as Iphone or android, but I never felt that I'm missing out. I have everything I need. I have an android tablet and rather hated the apps as rthere seems to be so many shitty apps, It's hard to find anything good in the sea of shitty apps and duplicates.  I couldn't never understand all the hype about iphone. Ok, maybe ait was revolutionary when it first came out but it's not any more, is it? My work phone is iphone and yeah I've been using it for a while and still don't get it. 

Ok back to Lumia 930! I got it a sim free at Phones 4U they're the only shop stocking the white version in UK. I didn't like neither orange or green colours, thought about black but decided to go for white one instead. First thing I noticed, it's rather big and bigger than it's predecessor Lumia 925. I wasn't sure about it first, but it took me like 30 minutes to get used to it and now when I pick up my phone I think "what is this, a phone for ants???" I swear, I couldn't get back to a smaller phone. The screen looks very bright and it adjusts brightness according to light conditions. It doesn't lag and it didn't take me long to set it up, as my previous phone was also windows phone, all my contacts were on the phone as soon as I signed into my windows live account.  

One of the reasons I wanted this phone is it's 20MP camera. Do I love it. When you take a photo, it saves both a high res picture and lower res for sharing. You can access the higher res pictures by connecting your phone to the computer or you can file explorer on your phone. Nokia also has a great camera app, what I love most is that control wheel. It looks good and it's very easy to use. 

The phone comes with a regular charge and wireless charger plate. I also got a £20 voucher for apps, a matching speaker, treasure tag and a wireless charging plate. All that is worth £150.00. Not that bad at all, however this promotion is now over.  

Drawbacks- price tag & tends to overheat though overheating seems to be less a problem now. Another thing is that you cannot expand memory. Overall, I'm super happy about my phone. 

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