Visiting the Pier after the fire

Saturday, August 09, 2014

    I spent my Saturday catching up with a friend. We went to a few shops, though I didn't get anything. We had lunch at a place I like to call Granny Cafe. It was a lovely and filling lunch but it was still early so we went to see the pier or what's left of it. I haven't been there since the fire. 
    It looks rather horrible,just bare metal frames. We sat at a cafe nearby having our frappes looking at the pier. Many people came by to take pictures. Everyone has a DSLR these days. Since I have my Lumia 930, I don't feel like I need to carry my camera with me, I rather like the results and I'm able to shoot in RAW too.

Airbourne starts next Thursday, because of the attention fire brought, I think Eastbourne will see more people than ever. 

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