My latest purchases- beauty products

Saturday, August 16, 2014


1. Timotei Organic Delight Shampoo
2. Timotei Organic Delight Conditioner 
3. TriAcneal by Avene
4. Face Form by Sleek

I've been searching for sulfate & silicone free hair products for awhile now. It was difficult to find sulfate free shampoo, but today's trip to Boots wasn't fruitless, I bought both shampoo and hair conditioner on a deal. Bril.

triacnealI've been thinking about buying TriAcneal for awhile but I was put off by the price. It's cheaper on Amazon and eligible for free next day delivery on prime so I decided to take the plunge. It has great reviews so I hope it will make a difference. 
It's supposed to reduce the number of spots and scarring. I'll give it a shot and will post a review after a couple of months.

This is the second time I purchased Faceform. I don't do contouring, no, I think you have to have nice skin before trying contouring, but I do wear blusher and I like to put some highlighter under my eyebrows. I like the palette, it's plastic but seems to be quality and I haven't managed to break any of my sleek palettes. 

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