My latest purchase- a sewing machine

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My latest big purchase is a sewing machine! I get really annoyed with clothes not fitting right, I struggle to find nice work trousers that would fit me right. I hate it when the waist is much wider when needed. So I decided to get a sewing machine and mend the clothes that I already own to fit me just perfect (if possible). I bought this bad boy on Amazon, obviously. I was watching this Brother L14 sewing machine but I was reluctant because it was not on prime and I wasn't sure when it would turn up and if it's not sent by Royal Mail, it can be a bit of problem. However I waited long enough to see it become available on prime and ever better it was delivered on a Sunday- yes Amazon delivers on Sundays now. 

It's been many years since I last used a sewing machine and at first I felt like I have no idea what to do, but it seems it's not too different to riding a bike. I spent  the whole Saturday afternoon sewing some of work trousers and  tops that are just a bit too wide for me. I find the sewing process oddly satisfying. 

I'm now pinteresting for interesting sewing projects and I hope to try some simple ones very soon. I need to buy supplies: I need pins, proper scissors, some nice materials, etc. This might have to wait until after my upcoming holiday. 

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