Autumn is upon us

Monday, September 30, 2013

It is hard to believe tomorrow is October already, time flies fast when you're an adult. It's been very mild, we haven't had heating on yet.  Christmas stock has already hit the shops, I can't bear to go past it, it's September, I wish they'd wait till December, Christmas would be more special. On more positive note, new series of various are coming out, which is brilliant. Well there is only one show I'm really waiting for, Sherlock obviously. Hopefully, new series will come out before new year... It's been two years!Two years too long.

On unrelated note, I've got an award, an equivalent to employee of the month, for doing all those photos. I'm quite a happy about it, I've got a certificate and love2shop voucher, not too bad. Not too shabby for Rachel.

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