Sunday, September 08, 2013

I've  recently discovered memrise. It is amazing website where you can learn so many things but I'm mostly interested in languages. I've started German course.

 What I like about it is that it is fun and I actually feel like I  am learning something and a lot of it is due to the method they use:

Memrise makes use of Spaced Repetition, helping you review items at expertly spaced intervals to help you maintain them in memory in the most efficient manner possible. Reminders space out in time as your knowledge for an item gets deeper, meaning you don't forget, but don't waste time reviewing what you already know.
Third, Memrise systematically exploits the Testing Effect, which shows that by actively recalling a memory, you strengthen it. Because the degree of strengthening to a memory correlates with the difficulty of the test, Memrise automatically makes the tests more difficult over time, again helping you boost your learning in the best way possible.

Even though I won't be fluent, but I will learn enough to get by next time I'll be in Germany.

I'd highly recommend to try, they have thousands of courses in various subjects.

OK, it's time for me to water my German (aka review).

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