Saturday, September 07, 2013

I'm not enjoying my weekend, I've got a cold. Never mind, I've had worse.

Good news is that I've been asked to do some photos again. Our company have recently added staff pictures from staff directory to emails, so whenever you receive an email you can see who send it. Great idea I guess, but it exposed many really poor quality and generally bad looking pictures, that includes obvious selfies and mugshot like pictures. So I've been asked to take pictures of regional staff  on the day of regional meeting. Now I have a week to learn how to do business portraits. I only ever done pictures of my friends for fun and now this is entirely different thing. Lots of things to consider, but what I worry about now if I will be able to make people be relaxed in front of the camera. Also, what if people are unhappy with their pictures. 

All worries aside, I'm quite happy to be given this opportunity. I'm sure I'll learn quite a bit on the day, so yippee! 

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