A day in Brighton

Friday, July 25, 2014

We were tired of sunbathing and the beach so we decided to spend a day in Brighton. The weather was still (mostly) very nice but not as hot as previous days. 
It might have been a weekday but there were many people around. 

We browsed huge vintage shop. We hardly ever buy anything but it's nice to browse and look at all the pretty things. Once we have a new place, we will surely come here for home decor stuff.  
 We went to the pier, it was so windy, but Brighton always seem to be much windier than Eastbourne. It was still hot but the dark clouds were coming. 
 We went to eat at our usual place- The Lanes. Normally I'd recommend it to everyone because it's nice food and very cheap ( £4.5 for buffet) but it seems they changed everything. They used to have very nice thin crust pizzas (mostly vegetarian) and a selection of salad, now they all taste different and not as nice and they increased the prices. I doubt we will come back!
It started pouring rain, that kind of rain that you only get in the summer. But as expected it stopped as quickly as it started.

After disappointing lunch we went to the shops, supposedly the sales have started but nothing interesting in the sale racks, I bought a few things that I', very happy with. I'll take pictures and post it next time.

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