looks like somebody's got a case of the mondays

Monday, July 28, 2014

First day at work today after a week off. It was very hard to get up, mostly because I couldn't fall asleep in the first place. Whenever I'm off, I quickly return to a different sleep routine and it's very hard to revert it. 

I enjoyed my time off, it's probably the first time we were off and chose to stay rather holiday abroad. I think it's rather nice just have some time to do nothing or whatever you want. We were very lucky with weather, we had sunshine and 25-27c all week. Though I love the heat, I think I just had enough! English houses are not made for this kind of heat. We have all the windows open but there is no breeze and it's very hot, especially in the bedroom as it's in the loft and the sun heats the roof so badly. Monday started off with torrential rain, nice. Now it's a lot cooler and more comfortable. 

I'm off in 4 weeks again, this time I'm visiting my family in Germany. While I mostly stay at my parents', we're planning a day trip to either France, Netherlands or possibly Luxembourg. I need to some research to do before I can decide where to go!

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