Life without a smartphone

Monday, July 07, 2014

The past couple of months I've been living without a smartphone. My dearest Nokia Lumia 710 died peacefully in its sleep (charger port broke) and I haven't had a phone since. I've been waiting for a new Nokia Lumia 930 to be released and we finally got a release date! Yay, but I still have a while to go.

 At first it wasn't a big deal, I had a phone to use for calling (which is really ancient flip phone) but not so  great for texting or anything else and until then I didn't realise how many different things I do on my phone.

 I started missing it in  the evenings when I usually read askreddit posts until I fall asleep. I got really annoyed the other week when I needed to collect my prebooked tickets but I forgot I need reference to collect them, I would normally just check it on my phone but I couldn't! My lunch breaks can be very boring now too.  Any time I find myself waiting around for something, I miss my phone desperately. I miss being able to listen to music on long journeys on a train.

I've got work phone so it's not as bad as I could be, but I cannot use it as my personal phone, obviously! But it's great to still be able to check train times on the go.

So another 2 weeks to go or so, I can't wait to hold Nokia Lumia 930 in my hand.

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