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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My latest instagrams

Our Sunday breakfast, this is becoming a tradition. We're generally not breakfast people at all, but it's nice to have a nice cup of coffee and pain au chocolat when you don't have to hurry anywhere. 

This is actually a rather old picture, taken 7 years ago or so.  Yeah the wings were quite big back then.

This is another old shot from my teenage years.

 A snap I took during airshow a few years ago.

Just a random cat that was sleeping in a pushchair that woke up as soon as it heard me coming close

               Taken during a walk on the South Downs a few days ago.

  Eastbourne in the distance, it might have been cloudy but it was a hot day
            Just some flowers in my SO's parents' front garden

Bartas- might be the cutest dog in existence- I might be a little biased. 

My SO's father with their other dog who's a bit of a character

My very pale looking feet at Winchelsea beach. 

Eastbourne beach today. It was another hot day and I finally opened the swimming season. Yes, I live 5 minutes away from the seafront but this is the first time I swam this year. 

Follow me on instagram, I finally upgraded my phone so I can use a proper instagram app so I certainly hope to be much more active than I've previously been. 

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