Perhaps there was something in the punch

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hope you are had a wonderful weekend. I was happy to finish a rather difficult week at work but I sorted many issues so now I can relax and enjoy my time off.

It was so lovely and hot on Friday, I had lunch at a lovely Italian restaurant.  It felt a bit like I'm on a holiday. I also picked up my new phone on my way back to work. The long awaited Lumia 930 has finally been released and I got it now. I bought the white version, I will do a review in a short while. 

On Saturday me and  my SO walked to the South Downs, we stopped at the Kiosk to have a quick lunch. Well, it wasn't quick after all, we waited for ages for our paninis and milkshakes. We when climbed the steep hill to enjoy the views of the town and the seafront. It's really breathtaking.  We wandered around quite a bit before walked back home. I was absolutely exhausted, it's quite far from our home and it was hot, so that certainly didn't help but we did enjoy ourselves. We decided next time to do a picnik and maybe to get there by a bus so that we reach the Downs full of energy and have a good long walk up there and enjoy amazing views. 

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